Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Time and Time Again, I Stand All Amazed

November 10, 2015

Well, when we went proselyting one of these days, we went to a ladies house that we have given a pamphlet to and she said she would read it.  We followed up and she said she had read half of it, but did not want to talk about it.  As we were speaking to her, her son walked out and got on his scooter. He over heard the conversation and blurted out, "Oh, I read your book. That part about the priesthood?  I didn't understand that part.  Can we discuss it?"

This totally took both me and elder Ofoegbu by surprise... So we set up a time with him.  As we left that area, we could feel the spirit saying that he could be a powerful investigator.  Also, just yesterday, I was told by one of our investigators that came to church that she wanted to be baptized!! She actually went to the Branch Pres and told him straight up.  Wow.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Here are some pics and I hope you enjoy them.  I am thinking of utah as I look at the sunset pic.  It reminds me of amazing Genola. :D

The work is going forth slowly but surely here in Tamale and I am enjoying both the food and the people. Hope all is well back in Utah and I love you all.  Trust in God, for He never faileth the faithful.  As we look forward and understand who we are, we are able to do amazing things in this world.

I so testify of this work and the power and love of God in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Morford

I have found that I like poetry... a lot... :P This one is "The Mission"

It wasn't till I was older that I wanted to serve a mission,
but I was never one who liked submission,
but there was something I came to realize,
that the experiences and spirit were large in size,
so think hard about serving the Lord,
one thing is for sure you'll never get bored,
nor find yourself alone to do this work,
for God gave His Son that did not shirk,
His responsibility to all,
but experienced the worst pain and gall,
so as you go about living your life,
don't complain about the strife,
but look up and see the light,
that God has placed before you shining so bright,
so remember God and remember the strife,
for God is so loving and divine,
and on this mission called life, open up and shine,
He will be there for you in every step,
go on this mission and remember who slept, for in that tomb,
all in God's presence,
there is room.

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