Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Heads up, faces forward!

November 23, 2015

I had a dream.  There was nothing to eat, nowhere to hide, and there was chaos all around.  I woke up sweating realizing that I am away from my family and that there was something going to happen.  My thoughts kept on turning back to this and the spirit told me to start preparing myself.

Do you all have enough fuel in case something happens?  Is there enough food? What about water?  Are you prepared for the times that are coming?  I say to start preparing now, for there are things that are going to happen that blow our minds.   Just know all is going to be ok in the end if we are prepared for if we are prepared we shall not fear.  

God loves us and wants to care for us.  Reach out to Him and you will find strength.  Hope all is well and that you will reach out and help others around you. 

Elder Morford

Finally!  A laundry picture!  :)

Thanksgiving hosted by Elder and Sister Brink

I know this little one melted Chris' heart

Look closely...they swapped glasses.  :)

Gee, Elder Morford...maybe you need to be a little easier to live with??

I have started keeping one of his weekly pictures on the lock screen of my phone.  This is the one I chose for this week. :)

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