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December 28, 2015: After the Christmas call...

We loved talking to Chris on Christmas Day, hearing his accent (yes, he actually has an accent!) and hearing his testimony.  He told his siblings to keep being obedient and faithful.  He was emotional talking to his 10-year-old brother about the example he has been to Chris, then admonishing his 8-year-old brother to follow that example.

Here is an excerpt from the email he sent to that brother on the 28th:

I hope you realize how much you, an 10 year old boy, has touched your older brother's life.  I see in you a man and a true patriot to or Lord and Savior.  How grateful I am that I have a brother like that.  Please, continue and be a great support to the family especially while I am gone.  Just know that God is watching over you and the family, and continue to be a force for good. 

He finished his hour-long conversation on Christmas Day admonishing the family about the importance of having hope.  He reminded us to keep our faith in Christ and always have hope in Him.

His call came in the middle of a most moving and life-changing time for our family as we loved and supported our friends through the greatest trial and tragedy of their lives.  Some of the comments in the email the Monday after Christmas refer to this situation which he was fully aware of

Dear Mom and whoever may read this,

I do not have an accent, I swear. ;D  Haha, that's funny to think that... I would... really? I have an accent? Cool! :) 

In all seriousness though, this "thing" about our friends is tearing me up inside.... I wish I could be there to help him and the other children, but I guess I can help them in other ways.  When I get back, I have some plans... :) These people are so amazing and I just kind of ask myself, why did they have to go through this?  The answer in my mind is that because amazing people have to go through hard things.  This is kinda unbearable, but I hope that they are getting through it alright.

This mission is very hard.  It is mentally, physically, and emotionally tasking.  There are elders that really don't care about the rules, ones who think Pres. Cosgrave should not have a say in how they do things, but you know what I think?  God put us on this mission because he knew we could handle it. So what am I going to do?  I am going to try to be that ONE.  Yes it is a very lonely number, but you know what?  Jesus was ONE when He accomplished the Atonement.  David was ONE when he took down the biggest threat God's people have ever faced.  If God has ONE willing to do the right thing and fight for the right, then He will allow them to be that ONE tool in His hands in order to shape their history.

I want each and every one of you to know that you can be ONE, not just in the world or feel alone when standing up to wrong, but ONE with God.  How grateful I am for this chance I have had to celebrate the ONE who has changed the course of each of our futures: Jesus Christ.  Reach out to Him and become ONE with Him.  This is my prayer.

Elder Morford/Son/Bro

Where's Elder Morford?  Can you find him?  Zone Conference in Kumasi a week before Christmas

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