Sunday, January 10, 2016

Elder Morford in Suami

December 14, 2016

This was the first email we received from his new area, Suami.  He was unable to send pictures. 

About the transfer [from Tamale], we had to wait at the bus station for 5 hours before we could leave on the bus... crazy.  We then did not get into Suami (*Soo-ahm-me) till around 7:30.  

My new companion is Elder Amakye (Ama-chi) and he is AWESOME!! I love this guy.  He is from Central region in Ghana.  He loves to work, eat, sleep and have a great time... it's great. :) the lessons are going well and he likes the way I teach.  He heard from Tamale that I was "spiritual".  I guess that's good.. :D

Suami is really crowded, not like Tamale which was nice and spread out.  I am feeling fine
... my new area is sweet!  I love the people we work with. 

Elder Son

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