Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy New Year in Suame!

A few letters between siblings on January 3, 2016:

From 5-year-old sister:

Dear Elder Bro,

How's it goin' there?
Do you still have that sickness?
Are you feeling well, or not?
What's your companion's name?
Where is your companion from?
What is his favorite food?
What is your favorite food there?
What is the grossest thing you've eaten there?
Have you seen a stray horse before?
We clanged pots for Ghana's New Year. Did you hear them?
I love you, Chris!!

Clanging pots for Kumasi's new year.  A little early for the US...I'm sure the neighbors were wondering...

Everything is great here!! We have had so much success and help from the Lord!! :D It's great to know that God is there for us... :D
I am feeling fine! XD No more sicky-sick for me! :)
My companions name is Elder Amakye (A-ma-chee) and he is from Ghana, Central Region.  He's a great teacher and 24 years old. :D
My favorite food is Fu-fu and Teset.  And the grossest thing I have seen or eaten is intestine soup... yum. :P
I have seen a stray horse. It looked like it should have been starved to death!!
You banged pots for me for new years??!! I thought I heard somethin... I'm sure it was you!! ;D
I love you.  Stay amazing!!

In response to his 16-year-old sister:

This week we had an amazing experience this week! We had 6 investigators at church and this boy who is about 19/20 just came to church one day and wanted to know more.  We then taught him and gave him a Book of Mormon and he read it... the intro and then prayed about it.  He said never in his life has he felt so peaceful and he knew that this was the church of God.  It was pretty cool!!
Then there is the opposite... this man didn't believe in the Bible, nor that Jesus was alive... It was sad because he was so confused, he kept contradicting himself... not fun nor easy to listen too.  He refused to believe and pray about anything we said. Sad huh?
I love you and keep being the amazing person you are!

Elder Bro

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