Sunday, January 10, 2016

Soldiers in the Army--an Air Force Veteran and a Missionary

This is an email conversation between Elder Morford and his grandpa, Pop, the week of Christmas, 2015:


Chris, I remember my first Christmas when I was in the Air Force, far away in Japan, with no prospect of coming home or seeing any family. We had no email in those days, of course, and certainly even a phone call was impossibly expensive...Facetime or Skype face-to-face conversations were science fiction! But, you know, I had to face it just like all the other Airmen in my unit. I think we took strength from each other and from the knowledge that what we were doing was important to be done. We got through it by just focusing on our work and making the missing of the holiday worth doing because we were engaged in something purposeful.

Your situation is somewhat like mine was in those days. You are about the same age I was. You're half-way across the world, like I was. And you've got fellow missionaries (both younger and seniors) who are there experiencing the same thing you are. What's different is that the work you're doing is vastly more meaningful, especially to your serious investigators,  than mine was. I don't want to diminish the importance of the work I did in the Air Force, but you are such an important part of the process of conversion for many. But would it matter if it were only one person? Even just one individual finding the Lord, the happiness of the Restored Gospel, and the eternal impact on his or her soul has no rival in importance.


Elder Morford:

I know that being in battle is like being on a mission.  You are striving every single day to be that obedient and amazing soldier, but it is harder than it looks. This restored gospel is really something else.  It has helped so many get back into their lives and trusting their God.  I know that I don't have too much time, but i just want you to know that this mission has been changing me for the better over time.  How grateful I am for this gospel and this opportunity.

Elder Morford

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