Friday, October 30, 2015

A trip back to Kumasi

On October 20th, Elder Morford got to travel back to Kumasi with his trainer and two other elders.  They were there for training and were able to watch General Conference!

Here are some pictures of Kumasi and the mission home:

Looks like they are making a little music. :)

This scene reminds me of my hometown in San Diego County...even with the houses, just a little more third-world. :)
Sugar cereal and scriptures...what more could a boy want?

Whenever I see these beds I think about how the mission president and his wife are serving as the parents of the young men and women in their mission.  What a responsibility!  No one has ever had such a large family to preside over.
Having yam and plantain

study time

And they got to watch CONFERENCE!  There is Elder Bednar on the screen! :)

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