Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Well... another life, another time, another story

Map of the Ghana Kumasi Mission.  Chris is...well...far away.  :)

Hey all!

The skies here are amazing and i hope all of you can see some pictures when I send them.  I am officially adapted to this life and am loving it. :)  Going out and working and testifying of this work is something else...!  I encourage all to do so if they get the chance.

We call our apartment "the party" apartment because we have WAAY too much fun after we are done with our day. :) Thats one misconception that people have is that it is not just all work here on mission, you actually have fun as well!! 

Anyway, hand washing laundry is not "ideal" but its something that needs to be done!  I was also having some fun with my camera and took some great pics of my eye, my white hair (its actually real) and us when we get home... :D

And his pen...

You can take the man out of Utah, but you can't take the photographer out of him, apparently.

So the mission is turning his hair white, I guess?  I want to know where all the art shots of the colors of Tamale are.  Mommy's next request...

We met two people yesterday who are brother and sister.  They were saying how they felt like there was something more than just the Bible.  They committed to reading the Book of Mormon and are going to pray about it as well. :D

These conditions that people live in are hard to see.  They are so sweet and humble, and always willing to hear a message about God.  

This life is crazy here.  Its hot, humid, and all around a dangerous place to be, but I love it. :) I am always happy now and wake up with a smile on my face.  No I am not bragging, but I know that as I have prayed humbly and with pure heart, wanting to know and being thankful for that which we have, I have noticed a change in the countenance which I have.  There seems to be an extra bounce in my step, even though we have to walk 6-7 miles a day, sometimes not teaching a lesson.  and I asked myself, why is this?  The answer came "because you are doing your part willingly, so the Lord is blessing you with that which you need in order to be a successful missionary."

I have been blessed immensely by the Lord and I have seen great work through the simple work we are doing.

This day, I ask each of you to pray in your hearts, and ask yourself, "what am i doing to become closer to the Lord?"  Because I know that as you do, and put away the distractions of this world, you will be blessed with which you CAN come closer to God, in every way, if you ask with a sincere heart, and having faith in the Almighty.

"Continue onward brethren.  For the work of the Lord will go forth nobly, steadfastly, till the Great Jehovah shall come and say that the work is done"

I so testify that the work of the Lord IS going forth, and we as His children need to become the willing servants and faithful soldiers in Gods army. As we do so, I know that the Lord will bless us.  Not only in this life, but in the life to come.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Morford

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