Monday, October 19, 2015

Sibling Letters

These little notes between Elder Morford and his little siblings are so sweet, I had to include them in his blog.  They also give a bit of insight on his thoughts...

Dear Chris,

I love you.  Well, at church I learned that I could sing songs and talk about missionaries.

I really like to play with Lizzy.  She's chubby and I like that.  

I learned that elders in Ghana could be good and learn well and that people could say good things and do good things and hear good things with their ears.

I also learned about being baptized.

I love you,

Haha, I love you too sista!! You are so cute and amazing!! 

I love Lizzy too and wish I could play with her!!  Play for her for me ok?? :)

Yes, missionaries in Ghana are good, they are great people. :D

Love you!!
Elder Bro

Hi Chris!

We went to Jordan's lodge Saturday and I caught a rainbow trout.  

It's getting really close to my birthday and I learned the Sacrament prayers.

I feel really excited about being baptized.  I learned that baptism means that I am committing to go on a mission and serve other people and keeping the commandments.

We had General Conference and I'm really excited that we got new apostles.

I love you, Chris.


Buddy, that is so great!! I wish I could be there for your baptism, but the Lord had other plans for me!! :) That is so right that baptism brings you one step closer to God and a mission.  One of the best decisions to make!!

Im glad you watched General Conference.  It strengthens me! :)

Love you buddy!
Elder Bro

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