Friday, October 30, 2015

Sister Brink is an ANGEL!

Elder and Sister Brink are serving in Tamale as the Member/Leader Support missionaries.  They remind Chris of his Pop and Nana, he said in one of his posts.  Sister Brink sent an email I shared in an earlier post.

She has been a great friend from the moment of her first email.  She and her husband do all they can to support and love those missionaries, as if they are their own parents, and to help the new members and leaders in the Tamale area.

I am sharing some of the pictures and portions of her emails here.  She is a blessing to a mom!!

A Great Day!

You know it was so crazy this afternoon and evening.  We got great pictures of the missionaries, but they all were having such great fun and I was doing the mom thing: Feeding the bunch.

My observation was positive of him. He ate really good and was filled up.  He knows you and I have emailed.  I said I love your mom and he said I love her too,  I asked him if he had a chance to email and he said he had 37 emails to answer and little time to answer them in.  He will get a system down.  All of them, especially USA missionaries struggle with getting the emailing done, to many to answer.  Many of the African missionaries have no one that emails them.

We will see him again tomorrow for district meeting. We will keep an eye out for him. Adjustment to a mission is a major change and then being in Africa it's even an added challenge.  He is surrounded by very positive support, I do think he will reach out for support if he feels he needs it.

Will close now but will keep you posted.

Know your prayers are heard, and are a great comfort to missionaries.

With my love,
Sister Brink


So Excited for Elder Morford

This email came just this morning.  It came at the moment I needed it most.  I was literally in tears over the refugee crisis in the world.  I was feeling so sad for all the suffering that so many people experience.  I just wanted to talk to Chris and tell him what I was feeling so started a letter.  Of course, I knew he wouldn't get that letter for at least a month, but it felt good to write it.

As I wrote, I noticed I had a new email and clicked over to find this message from Sister Brink.  My two-year-old looked at my thirteen-year-old and said, "Mommy crying"...because I was just in tears all over again!

Your prayers,  joined with all the prayers uttered around the world for the Lord's work to go forth and to watch over the missionaries, is a great benefit to each new missionary who is adjusting to missionary work!  Let me explain.

     I called Elder Morford this morning and asked him how the work was going.  He shared a wonderful spiritual experience with me.  I will let him share it with you, but, I will share my impression and feelings I had as he shared the experience with me:

     My feeling was sweet joy, because, your son has tasted that wonderful fruit of the gospel that comes when you do the Lords work.  One spiritual experience will give him that desire to carry on regardless of how difficult of a challenge he may face while on his mission.  I felt strongly this one experience will strengthen him to carry on!   So keep up those prayers.

This morning,  the branch president Gabriel,  is pictured with the elders.  They were all very happy. And each look good and all healthy!

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