Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chris' first full letter home

Hey all!! 

Today is Pday in the MTC and so we get to write emails!! Today we woke up at 5:15am so that we could get ready to go to the temple.  We then ate breakfast at 6am and headed out on an 45min drive to the temple.  

There are no laws here on the road, and for some reason they have fewer crashes than America... these people are CRAZY when driving.  Its kinda scary to watch...  

Elder Porritt is my COMP and he's awesome.  It has been great teaching with him. 

 The other two elders I'm with alone are Elder Okon (right) and Elder O (left. His name is so long I decided not to try to spell it... ;P )

The food here is great!! I love it, so far. :D  Hope all is going well.  

I feel the Spirit when I'm teaching.  He is the one that converts, you are the one that is the mouth piece for Lord.   I have learned that more and more as I have been teaching here in the MTC.  The people here are so sweet and accepting as well.  

It's amazing to see what the Lord can do in your life, if you let Him.  So let Him! :)  This may not be the richest country in the world, but it is the richest in souls. 

My hope and prayer is that we live our everyday lives as if God is there right beside us, guiding us through every action.  We just need to let Him in, and trust Him.

Love you all, and I would have written more, but the time is short.  

Just know that God loves you and wants you with Him again.  Please live your lives accordingly.


Elder Morford

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