Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday, September 22

Today, the French speaking elders got to attend the temple, so Chris will get to attend tomorrow and write home.

He is diligently sending me pictures, though, which is a treasure for the transition of the first few weeks of his absence.  He is known for being the sunset photographer in the house.  Any time there is anything beautiful in the sky, he's out there with a camera.

True to form, he sent me this picture today:

So, I used it as his blog background...something I think he would enjoy!  Here are the rest of his "stories without words":

I don't know how or why he got to be in a car today, but here are some shots of Accra.

This is a shot from his room in the MTC, I think.  And it seems to me that the sunset photo was taken from a lower perspective but from this location.  Nastia, his adopted sister, saw the volleyball area in the lower part of the picture and asked if they were allowed to play while in the MTC.  My understanding is that they get to play together outside at 3:30 daily, except on the Sabbath, of course.  I should think that would be important for a bunch of teenage boys, because this is what they are doing the rest of the time....

Well, not this...I don't think.  :)  But definitely this...

Sitting in class!  Ah!  Training.  This picture was taken with his camera by someone else so it's out of focus, but I wanted to add it anyway since Chris is in it.

Here is the one he took. :)  We can identify two of these elders but the rest we don't know.  It's funny not to be able to ask him who these boys are.  I've written him something like five short emails this week because I keep thinking of things to ask or say.  So, I repented and decided I would just keep a draft running in my inbox and add to it as I think of things to ask or share.  But, I sent it on Sunday night, thinking P-day was Monday.  Since P-day isn't until Wednesday for him this week, I wrote ANOTHER email because I had to tell him that his baby sister kisses the screen every time she sees a picture of him...which is several times a day right now.  *sigh*  I'm sure he will roll his eyes when he sees a bunch of emails from me tomorrow.  Embarrassing.  I'll get the hang of this, I'm sure...some day.  Maybe.

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  1. he looks like he is having so much fun! :) what an amazing learning experience!