Saturday, September 26, 2015

Random pictures from the MTC

I must admit that I will miss the random pictures showing up in my inbox at various times of the day.  It's such a fun thing to often awake in the morning to pictures from Chris.  Here are the latest:

With this one, there was a text line that read, "Teaching schedule.  We committed Lisa to baptism!"  

Apparently food is important to 18 year old men.  Duh.  This is chicken, by the way. :)

View from the MTC classroom they were in at the time.

"MTC classroom after dinner"...looking pretty relaxed, I'd say. 

And with this one, he said, "First sign of the moon".  I thought this comment was interesting considering that we have a supermoon/blood moon tomorrow night, the last in a tetrad of four blood moons in the period of one year.  We will be able to view it here in Utah around 10pm but Ghana residents will not be able to view it until 2am their time...which no missionary will be up for!  

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