Sunday, September 20, 2015

Off to GHANA!

Chris departed for Ghana on September 17th, 2015 at 8:30am.  He and the other missionaries with him took several bags of donated clothing, shoes and eye glasses along with the supply of their own belongings for the next two years.

Off he goes!!

All the Salt Lake City elders found each other prior to departure

All Americans on their way to Accra from JFK

Prior to the missionaries being able to write home, President Robison of the Ghana MTC wrote:

Americans Have Landed

Dear Parents of Missionaries from the US,
Your son just arrived at the MTC.  He will be emailing you in a couple of hours to let you know about the flight, but in case you are anxious and up earlier than that, this note is to let you know that they have arrived in the MTC.  All is well.  We are so grateful for the help with the donated clothes.  What a labor of love.  The missionaries look great!

Best Wishes,
President Robison
Ghana MTC

Chris' email (actually, two put together):

Hey mom!!!  I got to Accra and it was so humid!! It was actually nice today, though!  The MTC is so great.  I got to see Ntim and he gave me a present.  Love you bro!

We have a room at the MTC and it's really nice.  The people here are so amazing and sweet!  So accepting and loving. :)

I wish I could have gotten pictures, but my camera was deep in my bag. :)  I am going to keep it out, though!!  I am hoping it can sync to your email and you can send those pictures.  I will repent!!  These elders that I got to fly with have been great.  They are both funny and caring at the same time.  They know how to be serious and the right times!  The food here is amazing...but, then again, it is MTC food... :D  Hope all is going well and I hope all are healthy and strong.  Love you guys.  I have a short period of time to write.  I'll write you guys Monday!

Elder Morford

Before he left the Accra airport, he had run into a friend of his (Ntim) from the Liahona soccer team who had to go back to Ghana.  This was highlighted on the Ghana MTC blog (

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