Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Departure to Kumasi

Chris's letter home today:

The Spirit has been teaching me things that I need to know and be better in the field.  It has been awesome to feel the feeling of comfort and the love that God has for me as I have been taught for the 11 days that we were here.  While teaching ''investigators'', teachers that were pretending to be investigators, I felt the spirit flowing through the things which I was to say, and it prompted me to look up a certain scripture that would pertain to that lesson.  It is an amazing feeling to know that God is changing these people by letting you be His mouth piece, but at the same time He is changing you too, for the better.  Throughout this mission, yes there are going to be hard times, and yes there are things you don't want to do, but I know that as we do them, we will be blessed in the sight of God.  And as I have had desires to serve God, I have been called to the work. (Doc.&Cov. 4:3)

I am grateful to know that I am watched over and cared for.  I have been homesick and cried myself to sleep many times this week, but what better way to deal with the things of this world to rely on the Lord? (Hel. 5:12)  I have been strengthened through the wonderful grace of God, and know that only miracles can be accomplished, during this time as we work for the Lord, than any other time in our lives.  How can we, as His disciples, better serve Him?  Only through Him will we know that.

So, as we go meet trials in our path throughout life, remember to rely on the Lord, because He is our rock, our life and our salvation, for this is His work. (Moses 1:39)

I love you, and hope you will continue to find strength in the Book of Mormon as you read it.  I know I have, and it has blessed my life and will continue to bless it. May we go through life leaning on the Lord, and know that we can come out the winner over Satan in the end, if we are faithful is my prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

PS- the wild life out here is CRAZY!! We saw 3 chickens! That's it so far... ;)

Elder Morford

Packing up.  You can see Chris in the left background as the MTC President, President Robison, approaches him.

We rode on a propeller plane for the first time... SO sketchy!!

We are here in Kumasi Ghana!! I cant believe that this is actually happening!!! Its so exciting!!

We just got done with a testimony meeting and it was SO spiritual.  Tomorrow, I get to meet my trainer.  Its "ghana" be awesome!! 

Just wanted to email and tell you that we are safe and sound!! Just rarin' to go!!

Love y'all and kiss Lizzy for me!

Study time after arriving in the mission home.
We are here in Kumasi and this place is AWESOME!! We just got done with a testimony meeting and it was powerful!!
I do have a strong love for the gospel.  I know that as you live the principles, you will come to love and know God personally because you have put in the work to know Him.  It works!!   I hope you DO become stronger in the gospel!! The second coming is coming nigh so we should all pay heed to what the scriptures are telling us!!

I will continue to grow and learn... that's what a mission is all about!! It takes someone 10,000 hours to master something, and the hours that I am awake preaching the gospel is about 10,280... so I will be able to master the companionship of the spirit, among other things!!

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