Sunday, September 20, 2015

First days at the MTC

Chris' wifi camera is THE BEST thing for a mom!  Every time he takes a pictures, it downloads to my email so I get random pictures to look at every day.  He is being a VERY good boy and keeping me in the loop all the time...and he says I take a lot of pictures.  Ha!

I don't know if he knows for sure I am getting these.  Tomorrow is when he gets to email us...the reason, I learned recently, why Monday is called Missionary Monday.  I've heard the term before but didn't understand it until now.  :)  The letter I have written him lets him know that we have been receiving these but he won't know that until tomorrow so right now he's working on faith.  :)

The first pictures were posted by President Robison for the benefit of the families during their first day at the MTC.  The following were sent by Chris.

We got to see their tags before they even landed on Ghanaian ground, thanks to President Robison

Chris' district, Helaman, for which he serves at district leader, just like his dad did in the MTC 20+ years ago

One of the suitcases of clothes the elders brought with them

Clothing storage for giving to the native missionaries.  Ours had not yet been added or it would have been completely stocked!

President Robison said the first thing they do to these boys is FEED THEM.

And let them play :)

A view of the inside of the MTC.  Additions are being made to the building to accommodate 300 more missionaries

This view doesn't surprise me very much...

These last two were sent today.  I will be anxious to hear from him tomorrow to know how he's feeling about everything.  He's such a people person and seems to be enjoying himself more than should be expected at the MTC!  :)

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