Sunday, September 27, 2015

Farewell to the MTC!

We are excited for Chris and have fasted for him today as he prepares to enter the mission field.  I don't know how things go, exactly, but I'm assuming that with the farewells and devotional that happened today probably allow tomorrow to be a packing/tying up loose ends-type day since travel will happen Tuesday.  Just my guess...we won't know until he actually tells us...which may be in two years.  Hopefully, he's as faithful writing in his journal on his mission as he was here at home! :)

"Saying goodbye to a zone leader going to Madagascar"

Farewell devotional.  This picture was posted on the MTC blog.  I was happy to see Chris in it there on the right so I stole it and stuck it on here.  This is when I love technology! :)

So, here's what I think about the picture directly above...the one of the tag in his hand came today.  When I added it to the files of the other pictures from the MTC, it occurred to me that perhaps the reason this picture is important is because the red dot is missing.  Maybe they had them take the red dot off after the devotional today as a sign that their training is completed and they are ready to go into the field.  

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